Air Mattress Everyday

Best Air Mattress for Everyday Use

For years, air mattresses have been the secret to a successful camping trip because they made camping in the woods a great deal more comfortable. At home, when company comes to visit, air mattresses are a great solution as well. They are portable, easy to set up, and were a perfect temporary bedding solution. A deflated mattress can be rolled up or folded and easily stored. Today, the quality, size, design, and comfort of air beds has greatly increased. People find air beds so comfortable that many individuals, especially kids, prefer them for their permanent bed.

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Shopping for an Air Mattress for Everyday Use

There is a large selection of air mattresses available on the market by many different companies. Before buying, you should make a list of the important qualities that you want in your air mattress. Those qualityies are quite different for permanent beds, indoor beds for guests, or comfortable beds for camping trips.

Air Mattress Inflation Methods
The inflation method is an important consideration when comparing various air mattresses. Some inexpensive mattresses may require the owner to blow up the mattress which may be desirable on a camping trip. If you do choose this type of mattress, select one that has a one-way valve assembly which is specifically designed to not allow air to escape between breaths. The larger the air mattress, the more air required and many air mattresses on the market come with a manual or electric air pump included. The manual air pump consists of a bellows inflation device which furnishes a strong stream of air when stepped on. Electric pumps are included with more expensive air mattresses and provide the most rapid and easiest inflation solution. When looking for a mattress to use every day, go for one with an electric pump and (possibly) a manual one as well. This way you’ll be covered in case of power outage.

Construction of Air Mattress
The price and quality of an air mattress is influenced by the type and thickness of the vinyl plastic used. The seams that hold the mattress together should also be examined as this is where many leaks may occur. Construction and durability of the air mattress should be listed as a very importat feature.

Plastic stretches when it is initially inflated. That causes the mattress to quickly go soft rather than firm. This initial stretching is often confused with an air leak. In reality, pumping more air into the mattress fixes this temporary problem and the stretching completely disappears after a few uses.

One thing to remember – when taking a look at a certain air mattress, check out if the manufacturer quickly replaces leaky mattresses. Leaky air mattresses happen, so it’s always better for choose a product from a manufacturer that’s willing to quickly send you another mattress in case your mattress has a leak.

Weight Considerations
Air mattress weight limitations are determined mainly by the material the bed is made from. Cheaper mattresses made from plastic will not accommodate a great amount of weight, over 175 pounds, without beginning to deflate. More expensive air mattresses constructed with heavier material can comfortably accommodate a great deal of weight over a long period of time.

Warranty and buying in advance
When looking for an air mattress warranty is something many people overlook. Actually, a good warranty is essential as air mattresses often (relatively to other items) break during transportation or even in the production process. Many people have experienced a situation where they bought a mattress which turned out to be leaky and waited a couple of weeks for a replacement. So make sure the manufacturer replaces leaky mattresses and does that in a timely matter. That brings us to the second point – when you know that you’ll need an air mattress long before the date it’s needed, order in advance and test it out for a couple of nights once it arrives so you’re sure everything is okay when the mattress will be needed.

Best Air Mattresses for Everyday Use

I have hand-picked few of the best air mattresses for everyday use available on the market. Check them out, chances are you’ll find a perfect match for your needs.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress
This SoundAsleep mattress is currently #1 air mattress on Amazon. While it’s a bit more expensive than the rest of mattresses mentioned below, it’s definitely worth checking out. It’s a queen-sized mattress with a build-in one-click pump. The inflation process takes around 4 minutes. The mattress comes with a convenient travel bag where you can store when it’s not in use or while traveling (in case you need it while traveling). The mattress is both durable and comfortable (just read the reviews!) so it seems it has everything a good air mattress needs. Please note the mattress is made from plastic material that stretches a bit, so if after using it for the first time you notice small loss of air it’s a good idea to deflate it and inflate it fully once again and then determine if it’s leaky. It comes with a one year warranty which is pretty standard when it comes to air mattresses. One thing that stands out about this mattress, besides quality of course, is that SoundAsleep provides great support for their product, which is quite unusual when it comes to air mattresses.

Here’s what you can find in customer reviews of this mattress.

The first night I slept on it was great. The mattress blew up very quickly (you just flip the switch and it automatically starts inflating – no valves to open or close). The bed is the right height for me and has a nice soft top to it. I put some sheets on it and slept like a dream.

This mattress is a no brainer for someone looking for a quality product. There might be slightly cheaper air mattresses out there but I have bought those in the past and always been disappointed.

I chose this air mattress over an aero or Coleman or other big brand name because the reviews were far better. I totally agree with the other reviewers. Absolutely wonderful product.

Insta Raised Queen Bed with Never Flat Pump

Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

Insta Raised Queen Bed with Never Flat Pump is one of the most popular and well reviewed air mattresses on Amazon. It’s definitely not a mattress meant for camping. It features two pumps. Primary one inflates and deflates the mattress and features automatic shut-off when the mattress is inflated. Secondary pump works automatically – when the air pressure is below certain level, it pumps additional air, so the air pressure is as it’s supposed to be. The great thing about the secondary pump is that it works quietly, so it’s not pumping additional air while you sleep won’t wake you up.

Another thing worth mentioning about this mattress is that you’re the one to decide whether you’d like it to be firm, plush, or maybe somewhere in between. If you’re looking for a comfortable air mattress, this one is definitely worth checking out.

Let’s take a look at a few quotes from customer reviews on Amazon.

Anyway, I’m really happy with this mattress. And so is mom! It’s really very comfortable. Unless you sit at the very edge of the bed, you won’t even know it’s an air mattress

Well i have had it over a year now and it is still giving me terrific service

SimplySleeper Raised Twin Air Bed

SimplySleeper SS-49T Raised Twin Air BeB
SimplySleeper Raised Twin Air Bedisn’t as popular as the Insta Raised Queen Bed, but the number of 5 star reviews and the average rating (as for an air mattress) is astounding. What’s so special about this mattress? Its manufacturer states that it’s scratch and puncture resistant.

It’s a pretty firm mattress, so if you don’t like sleeping on that kind of mattress, I suggest checking out other ones. Even if you won’t fully inflate it, it might still be a little too firm. When it comes to other features, it’s a pretty similar to other air mattresses: it’s easy to inflate and deflate it and it holds its shape well.

Here’s what buyers wrote about this mattress on Amazon.

We slept downstairs to take advantage of better temperatures since we had no power. This is by far the best bed. We have had Intex, Coleman, Aerobed, this is it!.

Now, my wife and I have only slept on this mattress for two nights now, but, so far, each morning when we wake up we look at each other and smile in disbelief at how well we slept and how comfortable this mattress is.

Insta-Bed Queen Raised Sure Grip Bottom

Insta-Bed Queen Raised Air Mattress
Insta-Bed is another very popular air mattress available on the market. Probably the most popular out of all mattresses mentioned here. It can be inflated using an electric or manual pump, so you can as easily inflate it when the electricity is down. All in all, it’s a comfortable (that’s important when you’re looking for a mattress that you’ll use quite often) air mattress that’s easy to inflate and deflate.

Here’s what you can read about this mattress in consumer reviews on Amazon.

Found this to be an excellent bed, pros are longer air retention (I sleep at least 5 days before needing to turn on the pump), uniform pressure distribution. I normally do not have any back problems and this bed did not introduce any new ones after about a couple of months of regular usage.

This bed is a step above the Aerobed. Unlike my previous 2 aerobeds, this mattress doesn’t leak. None at all over an 8 day period of guests. Not even a slow leak.

If you are interested in a mattress to take camping, you will pick a different mattress than one you plan to sleep on permanently. Electric air pumps may not be viable for the places you want to set up your mattress. Fortunately, with a little research, the ideal air mattress can be selected that will provide you the comfort you love, when and where you need it.