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Best Memory Foam Pillow

A great pillow can mean the difference between a sleepless night and a good night’s rest. It may seem surprising that such a small change can affect so much, but it’s definitely worth looking into. A good night’s sleep not only alleviates fatigue throughout your day, but may help in concentration, memory, and metabolism. Even if the length of sleep you are getting may be enough, comfort plays a lot into the sleep that you’re getting, and the right pillow can make a world of a difference. There are many types of memory foam pillows being manufactured today and a little bit of research goes a long way. Purchasing a new pillow is simpler than going out and buying a brand new mattress. If you can’t sleep well because you can’t get comfortable, starting with a new pillow is the first step and perhaps even the solution to a better night’s rest. Here are some tips to choosing a memory foam pillow that is right for you.

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Choosing the best memory foam pillow

Memory foam pillows are a relatively new phenomenon with great results. There are a whole range of them to pick from when choosing a memory foam pillow, which might seem daunting at first but means there is one out there that is precisely right for you. Memory foam pillows are made of a denser material than regular pillows, which react to your body’s temperature and mold to shape to your frame. They help alleviate spine and neck tension because they distribute wight from pressure points and help support the head. Even if you do not have any pains from sleeping, memory foam pillows can prevent future aches and tend to be more comfortable than other pillows. Because of their popularity and variety they don’t have to be expensive.

The type of pillow to choose depends mainly on the sort of sleeper you are. Pay attention to how you like to fall asleep. Do you sleep mainly on your side, back, face-down? If you like to sleep on your stomach, choose a softer pillow. If you like to sleep on your back, opt for a firm contour pillow, the depression in the middle offers extra neck support. If you like to sleep on your side go for something in-between. The density of pillows range from 3 as the softest to 6 as the hardest, so many people prefer a 4. Also, if you sleep on your side, pick a higher loft when choosing a memory foam pillow. Your best bet is to read a few reviews and look for those from people with similar sleep problems as yours. Perhaps they have found their perfect memory foam pillow and can help guide you to yours from their personal feedback.

Some other things to keep in mind about memory foam pillows are that they may initially have a smell that goes away within a few days, just as many new things do. Airing them out for 24 hours usually gets rid of most of the initial peculiar smell. Memory foam pillows react to your body temperature to mold. Keep this in mind, because some memory foam pillows tend to retain heat causing “hot pillow” problem, which can be uncomfortable in warmer weather but something that can be fixed simply by playing a bit with the room’s thermostat. Other things to consider when choosing a memory foam pillow are things like: do you want a pillow that retains the shape for a long time or one that bounces back to its original form by the next night? Look for the material that your pillow is made out of to decide this.

Visco-elastic foam is the highest quality, but if you would like something lighter and are not allergic, latex memory foam pillows are a great option. Generally, the smoother the pillow, the better quality it is, so avoid ones with ridges if you can. Also keep in mind the size when choosing a memory foam pillow. If you have a smaller head and choose a pillow too large, the shape might not offer you the most optimum support. Memory pillows also come in body pillows,offering all-over comfortable support.

Best Memory Foam Pillows

Z by Malouf MEMORY FOAM Molded Pillow

Z Memory Foam Pillow with Luxurious Velour Washable Cover

The breathable design of this pillow helps keep this pillow cool. Highly durable with a 5-year warranty, this pillow is great not just for its construction, but because it is available in a variety of types, from high loft and firm to low low loft and plush.

Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow -Gusseted Side Sleeper

Made of visco-elastic memory foam filling, this pillow is of the highest memory foam qualities. It is specially designed to absorb heat and feel cool or release heat to feel warm, keeping the temperature comfortable. This pillow is especially recommended for side-sleepers.

Embrace Memory Foam Body Pillow from Sleep Innovations

Embrace Memory Foam Body Pillow from Sleep Innovations

For those that need more than a pillow, this body pillow is great for alleviating aches from all over the body. It ensures better sleep and has a removable, washable cover for easy cleaning.

Sleep Innovations Reversible 2-in-1 Bed Pillow

Sleep Innovations 2-in-1 Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow has a two in one design, with a memory foam on side and a softer, traditional fiber pillow side. This is great for the person who prefers a traditional pillow but likes to have the option of changing it up when some aches might creep in. Great for a guest room so that guests have both options available to them without taking up much space.