Best Pillow for Neck Pain

Why do you need a pillow for neck pain?

If you suffer from neck pain, buying the best pillow for neck pain is a no brainer for you. Why? Neck pain is very frustrating and definitely interferes with everyday activities. If the pain is severe, it might even prevent you from performing certain daily activities. A good pillow for neck pain should reduce your pain, maybe even cease it. It’s pretty hard to determine how much of a help a good cushion might be. Why? It all depends on the source of your neck pain..

Source of neck pain is the key!

As I’ve mentioned earlier, a pillow for neck pain should alleviate your pain, but not necessarily cease it. If your neck hurts only in the morning, it probably means that you sleep in a position in which your spine isn’t properly aligned. If your condition is caused by sleeping in a bad position, changing your position and (possibly) choosing a good pillow should cease the pain.


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If the reasons behind neck pain aren’t related to your sleeping position, improving your sleeping position will probably only reduce your pain. Why? In that case the pillow allows your neck to rest better than with your previous cushion. That only alleviates the pain because you’re not trying to fix the cause, but only the symptom. To get rid of your neck pain you need to fix the cause. That might take a lot of time, so by the time you fix the cause, you can benefit (reduce the pain) a lot from using a good cushion for neck pain.

How to choose a pillow for neck pain

By now you should know what you can expect from using a pillow for neck pain. Now let’s talk a little about how to choose one. In fact, this part is pretty simple. You just need to consider all your needs and choose a pillow that meets them, that’s that simple. You don’t know what are your needs? Let’s discuss them..

When it comes to choosing a pillow, the first thing you should know is that every one has their own unique sleeping position. All the people can be divided into three major categories: back sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers. You probably know to which category you fit. If you’re a side sleeper, you need a pillow for side sleepers. If you’re a stomach sleeper, you need a pillow for stomach sleepers. The same goes for back sleepers.

In short, you need a pillow that will support your neck and head in a way that your spine will be properly aligned. If you sleep on your back, you need a cushion that won’t tilt your head forward. You might also put additional pillows under your arms and check if it helps. If you’re a stomach sleeper, your pillow should be pretty thin, so you won’t end up in cobra position. The best pillow for neck pain should fit your body position, so you will be able to sleep comfortably. When it comes to materials, memory foam pillows are the best reviewed ones on the market. They get popular, so their price is getting lower.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, sometimes changing the pillow won’t help you as much as you’d like to. To reduce your neck pain even more you might buy an appropriate mattress. Please note that mattresses are pretty expensive, so you should consult a specialist before buying one.

Best pillows for neck pain – Start with these

I’ve prepared for you a few best reviewed pillows for neck pain. You can start your search with them. Before buying one you should read a few customer reviews so you’d be able to judge whether the cushion really meets your needs.

SleepRight SRP163 Side Sleeping Pillow, 16″x12″x3″ (Travel Size)

SleepRight SRP163 Side Sleeping Pillow, 16

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow, Large Adult, White

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow, Large Adult, White

Mediflow Water Based Pillow – 2 Pack

Mediflow Water Based Pillow - 2 Pack