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Traveling can be very tiring, so many people like to rest while they travel. Whether you travel by plane, train, or car, resting can be almost impossible without a travel pillow. Especially if you would like to wake up feeling rested instead of stiff and sore. For frequent travelers a travel pillow is an essential travel companion.

Travel Pillow
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Choosing a Travel Pillow

The most important factor in selecting a travel pillow is to support your head and neck in a natural position. If the pillow does not support you comfortably, you can wake up with stiffness and pain. The pillow also must be portable so that it can easily be stored in a travel bag or carry-on bag. The two most popular types of travel pillows are inflatable pillows and memory foam pillows. An inflatable travel pillow takes up less space once deflated than a memory foam pillow. However, memory foam pillows can be compressed to take up less space than when in use. Other factors you might consider when purchasing a travel pillow may be shape of pillow and how you sleep while traveling. Check out the following travel pillows.

Best Travel Pillows

Cabeau Memory Foam Evolution Neck and Travel Pillow with Portable Bag

CABEAU Memory Foam

The Evolution travel pillow comes with a convenient portable bag that helps with compressing the pillow down to ¼ of its size and can attach to your luggage or carry-on. Raised sides and lower back support your head without pushing it forward to prevent neck stiffness. The memory foam core conforms for comfort. Adjustable toggles on the front hold the pillow in place. The pillow is covered in a removable velour cover that is washable. This pillow would be an excellent choice for a traveler looking for all around support of the head and neck. One disadvantage to the memory foam pillow is that it does not compress down as small as an inflatable pillow.

SilverRest Sleep Shop Memory Foam U Neck Airplane Travel Pillow

SilverRest Sleep Shop Memory Foam U Neck Airplane Travel Pillow

The Sleep Shop travel pillow is in the U shape that offers neck support and side support with a memory foam core. The pillow offers enough firmness to support the head and neck, without being so firm that it lacks comfort. This pillow comes with a durable removable cover that is machine washable. This pillow would be a good choice for someone who prefers more support at the back of the neck and to the sides. Some people prefer a pillow that offers chin support, which the U shape does not offer.

Travelrest – The Travel Pillow Reinvented

Travelrest - The Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow

The Travelrest is an inflatable pillow that inflates easily with only three or four breaths. The unique over the shoulder design supports your entire upper body, allowing you to rest your head firmly to the side. With many options to secure the pillow in place, you can adjust the position to your comfort. Whether you attach the pillow to the seat, or connect the straps to wear over the shoulder like a purse strap, it offers firm support on either shoulder. Covered in soft velour, you can adjust the firmness by how full you inflate the pillow. The pillow deflates in seconds to fit in a small space. People who prefer to sleep with their heads leaning a little to the side will love this new design. However, the different shape may not appeal to everyone, as it does not support the neck or chin on both sides at the same time.

The choice for the right travel pillow is a matter of personal comfort. Whether you are looking for a pillow made of memory foam, or perhaps one that fits in a smaller space, there is a travel pillow that is right for you.