Body Pillows for Men

If you are a man who can’t get a good night’s sleep, choosing one of the body pillows for men can be life-changing for you! Most times body pillows are advertised to women (pregnant women in particular), but what’s the reason why men shouldn’t use them? As it turns out, there’s none. Probably all body pillows can be successfully used by men. If you’re ashamed of using a body pillow, you can always hide it in the closet during the day and I’m pretty sure your wife wouldn’t mind you’re using one. Chances are, she’ll want one as well when she’ll notice that it works well for you.

Who should use a body pillow?

You’re probably aware that body pillows take some place on the bed, which might be an issue, especially if you’re sleeping on a pretty small bed with your spouse. It’s also rather difficult to cuddle with someone wrapped around a body pillow. That’s why it’s a great choice only if you really can’t find a proper pillow for yourself. There are quite a lot of great pillows for side sleepers, stomach sleepers or even side sleepers with neck pain.

Image used under Creative Commons from Joel Kramer

However, in some circumstances choosing a full body pillow is the best choice you can make. For example, if you wake up fatigued and with a sore back, a body pillow can really help you. Another situation is when you need something soft below your body to let you sleep on your side. All in all, if you’re in a situation where a standard pillow can’t help you, a body pillow can be a
life changer for you. Of course you should remember that a body pillow won’t replace a good mattress, it’s just to give you some additional support.

Comfort-U Total Body Pillow Full Support Pillow

Comfort-U is a U-shaped total body pillow. That means that you can choose to put the down part of the “U” under your head, or choose to use the same pillow you’re using right now. Staying with the pillow you’re currently using is a good idea if it’s comfortable and you just need some support to your back. It’s very comfortable and chances are, it’ll help you relieve your back pain!

Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow (Full Size)

Embrace Memory Foam Body Pillow from Sleep Innovations

Sleep Innovations Embrace is a memory foam body pillow. It’s a large pillow (20-Inch wide by 54-Inch long by 6-inch deep) which gives you good support while relieving pressure points. If you suffer from some sort of back pain, hip pain or something else that prevents you from comfortably laying on your bed, this pillow is probably the best one for you. Just put it on your mattress, lay down on it and get that relaxed feeling you’re longing for.

Embrace Memory Foam Body Pillow from Sleep Innovations

Snoozer Full Body Pillow Hypoallergenic Synthetic Fiber Filler

Snoozer is an L-shaped full body pillow. You use it to support your chest/stomach, or put it behind you to support your back.Since it’s an L-shaped pillow, you can use it with your current pillow or use the wider part as a neck pillow, it’s up to you. Please remember that with this pillow you can only support one side of your body.

Snoozer Full Body Pillow

Beyond Down Gel Fiber Body Pillow

Beyond Down is a fluffy body pillow filled with micro denier gel fiber. If you need to sleep with your arms and (or) legs wrapped around something, and your normal pillow doesn’t do the trick, try this one!

Beyond Down Gel Fiber Body Pillow