Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Do you need a memory foam seat cushion?

If you sit long hours behind a desk or you suffer from low back or tailbone pains, a memory foam seat cushion might be of a great help for you. There are a lot of people who are at risk of low back or tailbone pains. You’re a risk if you: sit long hours behind a desk (at your office, at home or anywhere else), have had suffered an injury in your lower back or your lower back hurts from time to time. Seat cushions are manufactured for a few groups of people. If you suffer from one of the mentioned pains, you need a seat cushion immediately. If you sit at least a few hours a day behind a desk or you’ve had suffered from one of the mentioned injuries, you should use a seat cushion to prevent any future low back pains. If you don’t belong to any of the mentioned groups of people, you can still use a seat cushion as a precaution. It’s always better to be proactive than to suffer somewhere in the future.

Image used under Creative Commons from Charles Hutchins

How a seat cushion can help you

When you sit, your whole upper body weight is supported on your bottom and lower spine. A seat cushion helps you by spreading the pressure of your body on a larger contact surface. The whole pressure will be spread gradually over the whole contact surface. That will reduce the amount of stress that your tailbone and certain points of lower spine are under. This will result in you sitting more comfortably and correctly. Since your lower spine is aligned correctly and it doesn’t suffer from pressure overload, your upper body should also align itself properly. This will reduce your body fatigue and minimize any possible spinal damage while you sit.

Why memory foam?

Memory foam is getting more and more popular lately. Memory foam is elastic and its shape adjusts itself to your body’s shape. Those properties ensure that you’ll be comfortable when a memory foam item supports your body. That item can be a sleeping pillow, a mattress or a seat cushion, it depends on your needs. Of course if you suffer from low back pain or you want to avoid it in the future, a seat cushion is the thing that will help you. Memory foam cushions are pretty small, easy to transport and they last a long time. Since they’re popular, their prices are getting lower, so they are affordable. You can easily find them on the market. All in all, memory foam seems to be the best material for seat cushions, at least for now.

Where I could use a memory foam seat cushion?

In fact, you can use a memory foam seat cushion wherever you sit for a longer period of time. There are at least a few places where people often sit for a couple of hours. The first place where you can use a seat cushion is probably your car. Lots of adults spend at least an hour a day in a car, either as a driver or a passenger. You can easily buy memory foam seat cushions for cars. They are manufactured to be used in cars so you can be sure that you will sit correctly in your car. Most people spend a lot of time behind a desk, either at the office or at home. If you’re one of them, you can consider buying a memory foam seat cushion for office chairs. If you can’t make yourself comfortable on your couch, you can consider buying a seat cushion as well.

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