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Night Lighs for Kids

Most parents buy night lights for their kids because they provide a sense of comfort and security to the toddler. Almost every toddler develops a fear of the dark, and the monsters and gremlins that skulk around in it. Placing night lights in their rooms are a way to allay their fears until they can develop a healthier understanding of the concept of darkness.

However, parents, too, have benefitted from the invention of nightlights. In addition to not waking the toddler every time they enter the room at night by having to turn on the overhead lamp, installing a night light means that the parent no longer has to stumble around in the dark every time they decide to check on their child.

Today’s night lights, however, are designed to do more than illuminate the room so that the child can feel more secure; many of them come in soothing colors and shapes that kids can identify with like angels and animals. Some parents choose these nightlights because many of them are familiar to the toddler since some of their toys assume similar shapes.

Child sleeping
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Some use their illuminating power to transform the room’s walls into a fantasy world as the light projects images from their favorite nursery rhymes and children’s books onto the bedroom walls. Parents have recognized the soothing effect that these types of night lights can have on children and chose them for the added peace of mind they give them.

Others are instructional. As the toddler grows and approaches school age, it is important that he be made aware of the times of rising as well as going to bed. Some manufactures have taken this important aspect into account in the design of their night lights for kids. This approach has been welcomed and endorsed by parents.

Here are some night lights for kids that have employed some of these advances:

Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light


This night light takes on the appearance of an adorable little turtle, yet this affectionate little animal has the ability to magically transform your child’s room into a starry night sky. Doubling as a night light, the night light projects astronomical shapes of varying colors onto the walls and brighten your child’s world at the same time. The turtle-shaped light is a full 14 in. long and 5 in. high. It also comes with an automatic shutoff switch and a sleep timer.

OK to Wake! Children’s Alarm Clock and Nightlight

OK to Wake! Children's Alarm Clock and Nightlight

This night light doubles as a tutor for teaching toddlers the difference between getting-up-time and sleeping. Parents have the option of programming it for waking or sleeping, as well as determining the light’s brightness. An added feature that most parents are sure to find convenient is its “nap” setting. This setting is separate from the normal sleep/wake settings and gives the parent the option of programming in the child’s nap time without interrupting the normal schedule. For older kids, a handy snooze button allows them to get just a little more sleep before rising. And lastly, kids can use their toes to make the LCD face on the light produce funny faces until they fall asleep.


Indeed, night lights for kids have evolved into more than just illumination devices designed to scare away ghosts and drive monsters out of closets and from under beds, they have become a sort of assistant that parents can rely on to not only allay a child’s fears, but also to instruct them and stir their imagination.

However, when choosing a night light for your kids, always remember to lower the light’s intensity so that it does not interfere with the child’s sleep patterns.