Tea to help you sleep

Why You Have Difficulty Sleeping

The frustrations paired with the inability to fall asleep or to maintain a deep restful sleep are very conducive to a deterioration of the initial cause for the sleep dysfunction in the first place. Pains, anxiety, depression, pulmonary disorders and muscular aches all contribute to sleeplessness discomfort. The first management therapy you should embrace as a sleep deprivation patient is a tea to help you sleep. Fortunately there are many natural herbs and teas that can treat sleeplessness or insomnia very well and without miserable side effects of pharmaceuticals.

Flower Oils, Aromatherapy and Benefits of Mint

Some individuals combine drinking soothing herbal tea at bedtime with administering aromatherapy to further relax the body and mind and diminish all stimulants. Sunflower oils have proven to be very therapeutic in teas to help you sleep well. A refreshing mint herbal tea can also provide the user with the relaxed body and mind to offset any sleep disorder. The mint teas can also provide moderate assistance for the person who is not sleeping due to a cold or flu disorder. Peppermint tea is highly rated for promoting restful sleep.

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Valerian Root

Valerian herbal tea made from the valerian root have been used for generations around the world for relief from anxiety, nervousness and to promote physical and mental relaxation. This is a strong inducement to the ailing system to permit complete untangling of nerves and the access of deep natural sleep patterns.

Chamomile Herb

Another tea to facilitate deep natural sleep is chamomile tea. Chamomile has the same relaxing herbal effect found in other remedies but the chamomile tea therapy does not have to be drunk daily in order to chase insomnia away. It works on the spot, whenever you have a bad day and realize that you will benefit from a soothing hot cup of chamomile tea before bedding down for the night. Chamomile also has the plus of not containing any unpleasant after effects nor does it develop any dependency on the herb.

Green Tea For All Reasons

Green tea, originally from China, has spread around the globe due to its unequaled natural health enhancing effects. It has been touted for relief from symptoms and even from the effects found in certain cancers and even multiple sclerosis, although modern medicine is reluctant to endorse that use. The population of the world has given green tea its own lay endorsement. The tea is made from camellia senensis, a plant that does not require high oxidation and therefore is much better for the human body and mind. Green tea, as it affects the entire body and nurtures it to avoid toxins and oxides, causes a natural increase in good health. A healthy body and brain will perform much better and longer, resulting in natural body functions perfecting themselves, including natural healthy sleep. It is warned that excessive drinking of green tea, however, can counter itself and cause you to suffer from sleeplessness.

Berries, fruits and herbal natural flavors can be mixed with green tea to make several different flavors of beneficial teas for the human body and brain performance enhancements. With a moderate amount of innovation, you can perfect your own tea blend that not only encourages deep soothing sleep but relieves other inconveniences or disorders adversely affecting you.

White Tea To Fight Free Radicals and Cancer Development

The ability of white tea’s production to be harvested when still in leaf and bud, without flower and in the white downy state permits a much more flavorful and healthful tea for the persons who want to prevent a tendency for malignancy and cancer. It also fights the forming of free radicals which are blamed for many human ailments, including dementia. The color of white tea is a very pale yellow and it is usually served in a white teapot to enhance that color. The flavor is very sweet and light, similar to honey flavoids. There are four main types of white tea, with white jasmine being the strongest of this light variety.

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Whether served hot or cold, there are unlimited varieties of herbal teas to complement human health in mind and body and promote a healthful night’s sleep.